TipsyBartender is a website that helps you learn how to create cocktails and booze-infused treats trough-out thousands of video tutorials, hosted by Skyy John. We help them design a new part fo the website featuring 12 lesson course and improve existing homepage layout.

UX Design, UI Design, Responsive

First we explored a different variations of course home page design for the first fold on the mobile, with existing video that would later set the way for the visual design of the landing page.

We continued to explaining the benefits of the course with simple overview of each lesson, and some other features.

We have created a dozens backgrounds to use for landing page and test different copies.

We have tried to make a purchase as simple as possible. We have included Apple pay and standard credit card payment.

After purchasing users get access to the 12 lessons course.

We also improved existing home page and recipe page, with focus on mobile.

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